The Susquehannock will feature both judged and popular vote contests as is tradition at NMRA conventions. There will also be Special Awards including the President’s Award, the Blue Lantern Award, and others (see below).


THE BEST OF SHOW AWARD is given to the model that scores the highest point total in the judged model contest. Not only is a plaque awarded but this includes registration to next year’s MER convention.

THE PRESIDENT’S AWARD for 2017 will be chosen by MER President Mattson and will be announced in the near future in The Local.

THE CLYDE GERALD AWARD is sponsored by the MER and named for the late Clyde Gerald, former MER Business Manager and long time modeler. It is awarded to the kit-bashed model which scores highest in the judged model contest.  Be sure to check the definition of kit-bashed for this award!

THE BLUE LANTERN AWARD is privately sponsored and chosen by long time MER modeler Terry Nesbit and his Narrow Gauge Car Shop. The Blue Lantern is given to a model best representing branch or private line equipment or facilities, which contain no more than forty (40) percent commercial parts. The prize—a genuine railroad lantern—is presented to the winner by Mr. Nesbit.

THE PHILADELPHIA DIVISION MODELER AWARD rewards excellence in model building by first time entrants in an NMRA sponsored judged model contest. The highest score achieved by a new modeler in the contest is worth not only a plaque, but a cash prize of twenty-five dollars!

THE RAY BILODEAU NARROW GAUGE AWARD is also privately sponsored by a group of narrow gauge modelers, and encourages building models depicting aspects of narrow gauge railroading. The narrow gauge model that scores highest in the model contest is presented a plaque.

THE GREAT DECALS! AWARD is an award for an excellent model that includes a Great Decals! product in its construction and/or finishing achieving the highest judged score in lettering & finish for a model that employs a product demonstrated to be from Great Decals! that also receives a Merit Award.

THE FAVORITE TRAIN AWARD is a popular vote award and will be included on the Popular Vote ballot. Yes, members who can find their way to the contest room and fill out a ballot get to choose the winner!