White Elephant and Live Auction

White Elephant

The Susquehannock wants to help you to clean off your shelves and empty your closets of no longer needed freight cars and structure kits that are just never going to get built. You can easily raise some cash to recycle into your hobby. Here is how it works:

Bring your items to the convention’s White Elephant table any time after 4pm on Thursday, October 12th. There will be a form to complete with the following information needed: your name and registration number, description of the item, and buy it now price for the item. The minimum price is $5. If you have inexpensive items, just bundle several to achieve the minimum.


Live Auction

After the banquet and awards ceremony on Saturday evening the Susquehannock will play host to a live auction, led by non-other than your convention chair, Bob Charles.  The minimum entry fee is $10.  Any items entered into the White Elephant but not sold will not be permitted entry into the live auction unless their starting bid was under $10.